Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Birth of Something Wicked

I have owned an Etsy shop for a while, but I didn't feel like I'd found my niche yet. I loved shops with their own theme, whether they were a shabby chic shop, primitive shop, or even macabre shop. If it had a theme I was hooked. I searched forever for a theme and just couldn't seem to figure it out. Then oddly enough, I ordered a candle from someone who makes absolutely gorgeous candles. The candle itself was beautiful; so beautiful it took me a week to bring myself to burn the candle. When I burned it, it released a luxurious scent throughout my house which still persists even though I can no longer burn the candle. I sat in the living room and breathed in the beautiful scent and watched the candle throw beautiful light and shadow patterns on my walls in the dark of night. Then I realized something was wrong. There was this weird shape off to one side of the candle.

The candle hadn't burned smoothly through the middle. Instead it had canted off to one side and now the soy wax was built up in a rather large cloud like shape that had flowed over my candle plate and onto the top of my bookcase. Thankfully it was soy and cleaned up very easily, but I was greatly disappointed. The candle was supposed to give me a good 30 hours or so of burn time and it had been burning for less than five hours!  I decided to melt it down into tarts to use in my warmer, and then it hit me. I've always wanted to make my own candles, so why not try to make them myself! I've decided I will make my own soy candles inside canning jars. I know the canning jar idea isn't original, but I have always loved the look of canning jar candles, so I thought, "Why not!"

I am now trying to decide if I would like to make candles with wood wicks or with hemp or cotton wicks. I'm sure I will figure it out soon enough! But this is the birth of my new shop! I'm also working with someone on a theme! I found something I like, but I need to talk with the artist and see if she can come up with something different but similar lol. I hope you will hang around and see what is to come! I'll feature giveaways on the blog as well, and just for my blog readers I'll have certain discounts and more!